Golden Goats Horn Cactus | Astrophytum Capricorne var. Aureum

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Astrophytum Capricorne var. Aureum | Golden Goats Horn Cactus

Native to Northern Mexico (Coahuila) it is widespread in the Chihuahuan Desert. It is a solitary globose or columnar cactus. It has unique spines,  5 to 10 up to 7 cm long, grey to brown wired, twisted, curved, flattened that look like the horn of a Capricorn. As the plant ages spines get a bit more intense and messier, but relatively sparse, they are stiff but pliable and fragile, so, plant should be handled with care.

*Differs from the type species for its golden yellow spines.  Type variety looks like this > Astrophytum Capricorne.

Size: ~ 4cm