Astrophytum Capricorne Cactus


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Astrophytum Capricorne Cactus | Goats Horn Cactus

Native to Northern Mexico (Coahuila) it is widespread in the Chihuahuan Desert. It is a solitary globose or columnar cactus. It has unique spines,  5 to 10 up to 7 cm long, grey to brown wired, twisted, curved, flattened that look like the horn of a Capricorn. As the plant ages spines get a bit more intense and messier, but relatively sparse, they are stiff but pliable and fragile, so, plant should be handled with care.

A myriostigma seems to flower independently of day length, flowering intermittently throughout the warm months from the end of winter to the start of autumn.

The Astrophytum Capricorne var. Aureum variety with golden spines can be found here.

Size: ~6cm

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