A trusted source for scarce cacti and interesting succulents. Here you can find a diverse selection of desert and mountain dwellers alike. We carry live cacti, seeds and limited supplies like our signature premium cactus soil, pots and germination kits. Our website usually has the most up to date information but if there is something you seek do not hesitate to contact us as not everything is listed. Our greenhouse is located in Southern Ontario where all of our cacti are grown and propagated. In our greenhouses we grow many species of specialty cactus not available anywhere else in Canada. Having a close cooperation with a network of specialist cactus propagators across the country we can offer you many species which are very difficult to find elsewhere. These hardy plants are a pleasure to grow and can be very rewarding for everyone. But be careful, because once you start, you may not be able to stop collecting.

Most cacti, like as Astrophytum or Gymnocalycium stay relatively small. Cacti are variable in body shape displaying an assortment of shapes, supination, and flower colour. Others, like Trichocereus Pachanoi, Bridgesii, or Peruvianus grow large columns and can grow to massive proportions. Cactuses can be easy to grow for beginners. Best of all cacti reward us by displaying striking flowers in a variety of shades for the intrepid grower.  
The winter hardy varieties we offer can resist freezing temperatures during the winter making it possible to leave them outdoors year round throughout much of Canada. For those who prefer succulents, we offer a few also. 
If you as a beginner or find it difficult to decide what to order and need some advice, just ask for help, we would love to help guide you into something that will keep you happy for years to come.