Lophophora Decipiens



Lophophora Williamsii var. decipiens

Lophophora williamsii var decipiens or Lophophora Decipiens describes plants encountered in the wild exhibiting a particular growth form. These are cacti which have well defined ask-grey tubercles, but often lack sharply defined ribs. Their flowers are projected farther above the top of the plant. The Lophophora decipiens cactus, is a rare spineless cactus native to Northern Mexico and South Texas. Most young plants have 5 ribs, while older specimens can grow up to 13 ribs. They usually grow solitary, but can also grow caespitose and maintain a large subterranean taproot which acts as a water reservoir during the dry season. Once mature they regularly display beautiful pink flowers throughout the summer months. However, Lophophora is a slow growing cactus it can take a decade to reach flowering age.  Dedication and care will lead to healthy and rewarding plants. With fresh seeds, some guidance, and basic supplies anyone can grow Lophophora williamsii at home from seed and help preserve it for future generations. Lophophora enjoys the company of other plants and does well potted in large groups. It should be grown in partial shade to avoid damaging the cactus from intense sunlight.

Lophophora decipiens cactus seeds.