Astrophytum Asterias cv “Pink Flower” Cactus Seeds


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Astrophytum Asterias cv. “Pink Flower” Cactus Seeds 

This is one of the most attractive cactus species. Astrophytum asterias is mainly found in the shade of other plants or rock in the grass up to the edge of the bushes almost completely buried underground, often covered by sand. Its colours match that of the surrounding soil and is difficult to spot if not in flower. Much of its original habitat has been destroyed by habitat destruction, agricultur, collecting and foraging by cottontail-rabbits in Texas and in Tamaulipas. Once fairly widely distributed in south Texas, the species is now known from only one locality near Rio Grande City.

Astrophytum asterias (a.k.a. Sea-Urchin Cactus or Sand Dollar) is an extremely flat barrel cactus with unique and remarkably beautiful form and no typical covering of spines, but with tiny speckled tuft of hairs less than pinhead-sized. It produces large rainbow flowers often larger than the plant itself. This cactus is spineless much like Lophophora. The “Rainbow” variation looks nearly identical except with its very distinct rainbow flowers.