Turface MVP | Calcined Clay | High Fired Clay 



Turface MVP | Calcined Clay | High Fired Clay

High quality calcined clay in an ideal horticultural size. Calcined clay’s irregular structure enhances drainage and encourages gas exchange to increase air porosity and water circulation. It is able to retain moisture without water logging. By providing these passageways and preventing compaction it promotes stronger root growth. It also looks greats as a top dressing.

High fired clay is an essential ingredient in any high quality cactus soil mix.  It is a primary ingredient in our Premium Soil Mix.

  • Particle Size 3/8″ to 1/32″
  • Can be mixed into soil or used as a top dressing.
  • Calcined clay has a neutral pH that cacti and succulents thrive in.
  • Excellent drainage properties. It is able to hold water without breaking down. 
  • Does not float, allowing for consistent results, predictable distribution, and reliable drainage and aeration characteristics.