Horticultural Pumice



Horticultural Pumice

Quality pumice in an ideal horticultural size. Pumice’s porous structure enhances drainage and encourages gas exchange to increase air porosity while also holding water and nutrients.

Pumice is a lightweight volcanic rock or lava. It can contain up to 70 trace minerals which nourish the plant over time. High grade pumice doesn’t decompose, discolour, or float like perlite. It also remains evenly distributed in the pot over time.

Most commercial pumice is of very low quality. A yellow colour, lots of dust, brittle pieces, and unstable structure are all indicators of low grade pumice rock not suitable for plants. Low grade pumice will degrade with watering clogging up the soil over time.

High grade horticultural pumice stone is an essential ingredient in high quality soil mixes for cacti, succulents, cuttings, bonsais and other hard to grow plants

High quality crushed pumice in an ideal size for cacti and succulents. Pumice is an essential ingredient in any high quality cactus soil mix.

  • Particle Size 3/8″ to 1/32″
  • Pumice has a neutral pH that cacti thrive in.
  • Excellent nutrient holding ability not possible with other amendments.
  • Does not float like perlite, allowing for consistent results, predictable distribution, and reliable drainage and aeration characteristics.
  • Provides minerals to cacti/succulents over time enhancing growth
  • White colour
  • Will not compact
  • Pumice has a neutral pH that cacti and succulents thrive in.


Pumice is a fantastic soil amendment with many proven benefits such as better aeration and drainage and higher nutrient retention. It slowly feeds the roots over time.

It can be used in a number of ways;

  • Mixed into soil to allow for better drainage and nutrient retention with a slow release of nutrients over time. It can be used with any type of plant.
  • Added as a top dressing to containers to help prevent rot at the base of the cactus / succulent.
  • Rooting cuttings is made easy with pumice as it stimulates root development in plants.


Offered in volume discount pricing, the price drops as the quantity of pumice increases.

We offer various sizes and grades of Pumice, please find them below.

AAA Grade Premium Horticultural Pumice

Horticultural Pumice | Premium Ultra Fine Grade