Ferocactus Emoryi Cactus


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Ferocactus Emoryi


Description: Ferocactus emoryi is a solitary barrel cactus, it has similar heavy, ridged, hooked central spines. 

Spines: 6-10 per areole, reddish, reddish grey, or horn coloured, all robust and rigid, more than 1 mm diameter.

Flowers: Reddish outside, brilliant red inside, 6-7.5 × 5-7.5 cm; inner tepals brilliant red [or occasionally yellow]; stigma lobes brilliant red.

Cool Fact: F. emoryi produce nectar in the nectaries at the top of the cactus that feed the ants that live around its base. In turn, the ants are very territorial and seem to protect the plants from other insects.​


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