Gasteria Glomerata Succulent

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Gasteria Glomerata Succulent

Gasteria glomerata is a very attractive, dwarf species of Gasteria. It has its rounded grey-green tongue-shaped , slightly rough (tuberculate) leaves are situated in two opposite rows.

It is highly proliferous, and forms dense clumps. The flowers are exceptionally fat and fleshy (“gasteriform”). The species name, “glomerata”, means clumped or clustered into a head.

It is ideal for containers in a shady spot or grown in rockeries. It is easily grown and is one of 20 Gasteria species mainly confined to South Africa and southern Namibia.

Flowering time: spring.

It occurs in the vicinity of the Kouga Dam, near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Within this very small natural range, it occurs on steep cliff faces.

It thrives in cultivation, and is widely propagated around the world as an ornamental succulent.