Cactus & Succulent Premium Soil



Cactus Kingdom Premium Cacti & Succulent Soil Mix

If you want nothing but the best for your cacti, look no further. Our Cactus & Succulent Premium Soil is made with only high quality ingredients. This specialty hand mixed, cactus and succulent soil is ideal for all cacti and succulents.

Our cactus soil is not comparable to retail “cactus mixes” which use the wrong ratios, cheap peat based ingredients, too much organic matter, have high water retention, and are too acidic for cacti.

*Updated recipe for 2024 – This mix now contains 75% more pumice.

  • This high quality soil contains over half a dozen premium ingredients, with added natural elements, organic fertilizers, and trace minerals. (Magnesium, Iron, Cobalt, Manganese)
  • Cacti need quality slow release nutrients to survive, organic all natural nutrients are mixed in to slowly feed your cacti long term.
  • Horticultural pumice allows for fantastic nutrient retention to feed roots over time.
  • A high proportion of our high fired clay stabilizes the soil and offers optimal water retention.
  • This soil will not float and become messy with watering, it also remains evenly distributed in the pot over time.
  • Neutral PH. High mineral content. Ideal drainage properties. 
  • Soil is blended to a maintain a specific water/air ratio for cacti and succulents, reducing the risk of root rot.
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