Cactus & Succulent Premium Soil



Cactus Kingdom Premium Cacti & Succulent Soil Mix

For optimal care of your cacti, choose our Premium Cactus & Succulent Soil. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this specialty hand-mixed soil is perfect for all cacti and succulents.

Unlike typical retail “cactus mixes,” our soil features the correct ingredient ratios, avoids cheap and harmful peat-based ingredients, maximizes drainage, ensures appropriate water retention, and maintains the ideal pH balance for cacti. Our Premium Cactus Soil also nourishes your succulents and cacti with the addition of organic slow-release nutrients to the mix.


  • High quality cactus soil contains 8 superior ingredients.
  • Added natural elements plus trace minerals (Magnesium, Iron, Cobalt, Manganese).
  • Cacti need quality slow release nutrients to thrive, organic plant nutrients are mixed in to slowly feed your cacti long term.
  • Horticultural pumice allows for fantastic nutrient and water retention to feed roots over time.
  • A high proportion of our high fired clay stabilizes the soil and offers optimal water aeration.
  • This soil will not float and become messy with watering, it also remains evenly distributed in the pot over time. It is quite heavy. 
  • Neutral PH. High mineral content.
  • Ideal drainage properties for xerophytes. 
  • Soil is blended to a maintain a specific water/air ratio for cacti and succulents.


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