Lophophora Fricii x Koehresii Cactus Seeds


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Lophophora Fricii x Koehresii Hybrid Cactus Seeds

Hybridized seeds of the two species below.

Lophophora fricii is a very mutable species, by observing plants in habitat, the colour can be much lighter than that indicated in a description. It’s difficult to find two similar plants in one location, particularly with flower and body shape. Pale grey-green to yellow-green, usually lacking well defined ribs and furrows. The stems starts branching when a plant with a single crown reaches the size of a large saucer. Fricii is among the largest Lophophoras, its possible for it to grow into a very large 21-ribbed plant that may exceed 10 cm across. 

Lophaphora koehresii is the second smallest of the Lophophoras. It has big pale pink flowers and unusually thin petals with darker mid-stripes. It is a globular and spineless like the other Lophophora members with a large tap root and very interesting flower with pink to brownish coloured strips. Lophophora koehresii is a characteristically dark green colour. The ribs are more strongly in relief than others. Although this species usually grows as a single headed plant in its native habitat, in cultivation with time, once a mature plant reaches 5-6 centimetres in width, pups do begin showing themselves. The stem to root ratio is unique in this cactus having one of the largest subterranean roots of the genus Lophophora.