Lophophora Alberto-Vojtechii Cactus Seeds


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Lophophora Alberto-Vojtechii Cactus Seeds  

Lophophora alberto-vojtechii is a variety of Lophiophora only found in a small region in Vanegas, San Luis Potosi. Its is a fascinating very cryptic, geophytic plant with a swollen subterranean root like all Lophophoras. It is characterized by its distinctively small size. This was the most recently discovered Lophophora having only been identified and catalogued in the early 2000’s. Still a very rare plant in cultivation.

It is by far the littlest Lophophora, adult plants typically reaching just about 2 cm in diameter. It is also the most recent Lophophora cactus variety to be discovered in the early 2000’s. Plants were discovered near San Luis Potosí in north-central Mexico.

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