Lophophora Williamsii | Fine Specimen Cactus

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Lophophora Williamsii Fine Specimen 

Fine Specimens are the most outstanding specimens in their respective class. The Lophophora williamsii cactus specimen selected will be among the finest of its particular age/size. Traits that factor into a fine specimen can include any one or more of the following; wool development, geometry, rib count, clarity, colouration, and symmetry.

These Lophophora williamsii cacti are a mature flowering size. Lophophora williamsii is a solitary spineless cactus. Its stem is glaucous green, dull bluish or greyish green, very succulent, globular, top-shaped, or somewhat flattened up to 6 cm tall, 12 cm diameter, with a woolly top; The subterranean portion of the stem, which is as wide as the aerial portion, extends several cm below the surface of the ground and transitions smoothly into a large taproot which may extend over 25 cm below ground level.

Age: 5 – 9+ Years

Pick your own cactus. The cactus you see is the exact cactus you will receive – with pot and all. Only one of each available.

These cacti come potted in our speciality pots and premium cactus soil.

Our regular Lophophora williamsii cacti can be found on this page. These Lophophora williamsii cacti are the same approximate size, the only difference is aesthetic.

See our cactus propagation guide on how to best care for your Lophophora williamsii.