Blue Agave | Agave Americana | Blue Century Plant


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Blue Agave | Agave Americana | Blue Century Plant


Age: 10+ years.


This succulent is the base ingredient in tequila and a great conversation piece for any collection.


Tequila is made only from a specific cultivar of Agave tequilana called ‘Weber Azul’. This cultivar is larger and blue-gray in color compared to the smaller and green normal. A tequilana. Impossibly difficult to find, especially at this incredible size. This is our nurseries one and only specimen at this colossal size.

Leaves are in pristine condition with minimal scaring. Beautiful silver/blue powdery bloom on leaves.


Both specimens are sold with pots.

L: 24″x 24″ | Age: 4+ years.

XXL: 42″x 45″ | Age: 10+ years.


Price includes delivery within Toronto for the XXL size plant.

Weight10 lbs



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