Ariocarpus Trigonus Cactus



Ariocarpus Trigonus Cactus

A must have for any serious cactus collection. Ariocarpus Cacti are among the most unique in the kingdom.

Age: 8 years old with very prominent tuber root.

Size: ~10cm

Origin and Habitat: Mexico

Habitat: Grows in limestone at 600-1200 m of elevation.

Common Names: Living Rock, Star Rock

Description: Ariocarpus trigonus is one of the largest species that distinguishes for the long leaf-like triangular tubercles and peculiar yellow flowers.

Areoles: Ariocarpus trigonus bears only small basal areoles, whose meristem do not divide, monomorphic. On the contrary Ariocarpus retusus has floral and spinous parts separate, dimorphic. However spine-bearing portions of the areoles are present at the tips of the tubercles of tubercles only in very small specimens.

Flowers: Cream-white to yellowish-white or yellow (occasionally with reddish mid-ribs) with a satin sheen, 3 to 5 cm in diameter up to 4 cm long.

Blooming season: Late autumn or early winter.

Remarks: In the area of Aramberri Ariocarpus trigonus intergrades with Ariocarpus retusus giving rise to a an hybrid population known as Ariocarpus confusus

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