Adenium Boehmianum | Desert Rose


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Adenium Boehmianum | Desert Rose | Bushman Poison

Adenium boehmianum, the Bushman poison, is a poisonous succulent endemic to the mostly dry regions of northern Namibia and southern Angola. The San people boil the root sap and latex to prepare arrow poison, which is sufficient for hunting large mammals, as it contains strong cardiotoxic effects. The leaves, borne only for three months a year, are arranged spirally and are clustered near the branch tips.

Adenium bohemianus is a small peculiar species with silvery branching caudex. It is a slow grower adenium needs a long periods of dormancy.
The flowers are beautiful like those of most of the adeniums and range from light-pink to dark magenta pink colour.
A. bohemianum almost always drop every leaf during the dormancy period. When leaf tips get brown, it usually means that the plant is getting too dry between waterings but if they are doing it and the plant is wet, cut back a little.