Polaskia Chichipe Cactus



Polaskia Chichipe

Description: Polaskia chichipe is a columnar tree-like cactus with many curved branches, up to 5 m tall. Usually with short trunk and branching freely at the top. This species has small diurnal yellowish green flowers that extend their anthesis into the following the night. Polaskia chichipe is cultivated for its edible fruits in Mexico. 
Stems: Cloumnar, greenish powdery-grey.
Robs: 9 to 12, wavy and acute often with reddish coloration of the edges in winter.
Spines: Greyish up to 5 cm but usually shorter; 6-7(-8) radials and 1 longer central spine. Spines stout and fade as it the plant ages. 
Flowers: Flowers are smal, open cups of pinkish white or yellow-green. The anthesis is diurnal as well as partly nocturnal.
Fruit: 2-3 cm edible.
Phenology: The species flowers in habitat between March and June, and produces fruits between June and August

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