Pleiospilos Seeds | Pleiospilos Mix Seeds



Pleiospilos Seeds | Pleiospilos Mix Seeds

Pleiospilos species have two or four opposite, very fleshy, grey-green leaves growing from a short stem that may be underground. The leaves, with their hemispherical shape and pitted texture, often strongly resemble a pile of split pebbles to deter predators. Flowers emerge from the center of the leaves, and may be very big in relation to the overall size of the plant.

This seed mix contains a mix of these different Pleiospilos varieties;

Pleiospilos bolusii
Pleiospilos compactus
P. compactus subsp. compactus
P. compactus subsp. canus
P. compactus subsp. minor
P. compactus subsp. fergusoniae
P. compactus subsp. sororius
Pleiospilos leipoldtii
Pleiospilos nelii
Pleiospilos simulans