Peruvian Torch Cactus Cutting | Trichocereus Peruvianus Cuzcoensis [XL]

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Trichocereus Peruvianus Cuzcoensis  | Peruvian Torch Cactus Cutting | XL

Full size Trichocereus peruvianus cuzcoensis cuttings taken from a decades old cactus. Get a big head start with your collection.

Trichocereus peruvianus cuzcoensis is a regional variety of T. peruvianus. It is a a Peruvian Torch cactus, with some distinct nuances in appearance. Most notably, its epidermis is greener with thicker branches. It also grows a greater density of spines which turn white on mature growth.

Peruvian Torch Cactus is a fast-growing columnar cactus native to the western slope of the Andes in Peru, between about 6,600–9,800 ft above sea level. The plant green in colour, with frosted stems, and 6-9 broadly rounded ribs; it has large, white flowers. It can grow up to 9.8–19.7 ft tall, with stems up to 8–18 cm (3.1–7.1 in) in diameter. It is closely related to San Pedro Cactus, but much less common. It is similar in appearance, but has longer spines and has a darker colour. It grows much like Trichocereus pachanoi and is even more hardy. It does exceptionally well in colder climates.

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