Parodia Haselbergii Subsp. Graessneri Cactus Seeds


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Parodia Haselbergii Subsp. Graessneri Seeds | Golden Donut Cactus Seeds

Parodia Haselbergii Subsp. Graessneri is a medium- sized solitary, fast growing cactus closely resemblingbut has as many as 60 radial spines. The spines are pale to golden yellow, occasionally brownish or nearly all white, to 2 cm or more. The flowers are small yellowish green to almost truly green. These cacti are self-fertile, do not offset, and have a very short floral tube. They are among the earliest Notocacti to bloom in the spring.

Small yellowish green, up to 2,5 cm long and 2 cm wide and each can last one to three weeks. Petals semi-erect spreading and not closely surrounding the style, the stamens visible. Tube relatively long with clusters of bristles and some wool. It is self-sterile.

It flowers at the end of the winter or in early spring for a long period of time (It can last blooming to two months!). Will start flowering around 5 cm in diameter.