Pachypodium Rosulatum Caudiciform Seeds


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Pachypodium Rosulatum Caudiciform Seeds

Pachypodium rosulatum is a shrubby perennial caudiciform plant with a bottle-shaped trunk, brownish silver, and almost spineless.

The leaves, which fall in the dry season, form a rosette on the top of branches. They are deciduous, dark green, oblanceolate, ovate or elliptical and petiolated. The long-stalked flowers are sulphur-yellow and form an inflorescence about 30 centimetres (12 in) high. Flowering period extends from February through May. The fruits are 6 to 20 inches long and contain elongated seeds with a length of 6 mm.

No water from November to March. The watering program will change, depending on temperatures and stage of growth, but it is best not to let this plant dry out completely for any length of time. It is sensitive to cold, and should be kept totally dry in winter, at or around 4°C. Protect from frost. It tends to lose its leaves and go dormant in winter. It likes full sun to light shade .