Opuntia Cactus Pads | Tortoise Food



Opuntia Cactus Pads | Tortoise Food

A spineless variety of Opuntia cactus packed with dense nutrition for your tortoise for a well balanced diet.

This variety of Opuntia has been  bred to grow with minimal spines and glochids. Only the oldest growth will have an occasional spine. It’s the new pads which are offered here. The fruits are juicy and edible as well.

A tortoise will can eat several of these pads per day.

Cactus pads are an excellent food item for tortoise species. They are high in calcium and fiber, while low in protein and fat.

For baby tortoises, slice it in store strips about 1/4″ wide. The cactus pads do have small prickly spines. Tortoises however, do not have any issue with and are able to eat these spines. You can also remove the spines with a sponge if you would like.

Offer pads to your tortoises daily while the pads are still apple-green.

To remove them from the plant, bend the joint at the base of the pad and they will snap off cleanly without the need for you to cut them. Tortoises of all ages can eat the pads without further preparation. The glochids do not have to be removed. The tips of smaller pads are tender enough for hatchlings. Young pads are a good source of nutrients. You will notice that throughout the growing season new pads are produced at greatly different rates.

These pads are shipped fresh to order, ready to feed or plant.

They are best kept in the refrigerator after arrival, and can be kept for several weeks.

Guaranteed Fresh!