Notocactus Roseoluteus Cactus


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Notocactus Roseoluteus Cactus

Notocactus roseoluteus is probably only a variant in flower colour of the very variable Parodia mammulosa. It has stems to 18 cm in diameter, usually solitary or slowly branching from the base with Yellow/brown spines, and pink/light salmon flowers with yellow throat up to 8 cm.
Spherical-flattened that can became shortly cylindrical when old, with a shiny coppery-green epidermis with a depressed crown covered in white wool.
8-11 thin, flexible and acicular, needlelike, usually less than 12 long. whitish with a brownish-red tip.
Apical, particularly large, bell-shaped, glossy, pink in shades of salmon with yellow centres, up to 8 cm in diameter.

Size: Large 9cm