Mystery Cactus and Succulent Box



Mystery Cactus and Succulent Box

A box full of cacti and succulents 40% – 50% off

Introducing the Cactus Mystery Box – a desert oasis delivered straight to your doorstep! Dive into the world of prickly wonders with each box packed full of surprise succulents and captivating cacti.

Unravel the mystery as you unveil an eclectic assortment of spiky delights, carefully selected to add intrigue and charm to any space. From charming miniatures to statement-making giants, every box promises a thrilling botanical adventure.

Each delivery is a delightful surprise, filled with a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and species to inspire your indoor garden dreams.

Embrace the thrill of discovery as you unwrap your Cactus Mystery Box and uncover the beauty of these resilient desert plants.


  • Value of plants included in Large Box will be ~$200
  • Value of plants included in Medium Box will be ~$100
  • Value of plants included in Small Box will be ~$50
  • Box’s range from a great assortment of smaller succulents and cacti in a variety of sizes to a single valuable cactus / succulent.
  • Mystery box contents are determined by value of plants included not quantity of plants.