Mini Succulent Mix


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Mini Succulent Mix

Our best cactus deal for those who aren’t picky and want to add some variety to their collection.

  • Three mini succulents in 2″ pots.
  • Sold with pots

A diverse variety that may include:

Rainbow Elephant Bush – Portulacaria afra “variegata”

Golden Sedum – Sedum adolphii

Chocolate Soldier – Kalanchoe tomentosa

Falcata – Crapula perfolita’falcata’

Houseleek Bronze Pastel – Sempervium

Tree Stonecrop – Sedum dendriodeum

Topsy Turvy – Echeveria runyonii

Chinese Dunce Cap – Orostachys boehmeri

Tiger’s Jaw – Faucaria tigrina

Bronz – Graptopetalum ‘Bronz’

Zebra Plant – Haworthis fasciata

Mexican Hens – Echeveria shaviana

Flat-Leaf Gasteria – Gasteria armstrongii

Red Pagoda Plant – Crassula corymbulosa

Jade Plant – Crassula ovata

Tongue Plant – Glottiphyllum linguiforme

Haworthia coarctata

Markus – Sedeveria ‘Markus’

Moonstone – Pachyphytum oviferum

Urbinia purpusii

String of Tears – Senecio citriformis

Watch Chain – Crassula mucosa

Mexican Fire Cracker – Echeveria setosa

Pachyveria exotica

Lace Aloe – Aristaloe aristata

String of Pearls – Curio rowleyanus

Pearl Plant – Haworthia pumila

Echeveria orion

+ Others



*Picture is an example of some of the types of succulents that may be included.




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