Lophophora Williamsii var. El Soledad Cactus Seeds


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Lophophora Williamsii var. El Soledad Cactus Seeds

Lophophora sp. El Soledad is a small cactus native to Mexico, Texas and New Mexico. Lophophora cactus will grow to a pale green/blue cactus with a globular shape with pink/white flowers. Normally the epidermis is covered by both cuticle and wax; the latter substance is primarily responsible for the blue-green or glaucous coloration of Lophophora Sp. La Soledad. It can grow ribs in well-defined lines, in Lophophora they are usually present. Stems can be globose to flattened, somewhat firm to the touch, blue-green or occasionally reddish green in colour.

*See our cactus propagation page for Lophophora sp. El Soledad seed sowing tips.

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