Dinteranthus Pole-Evansii Seeds



Dinteranthus Pole-Evansii Mesemb Seeds

Dinteranthus pole-evansii is a solitary or clumping species with chalky white bodies that looks like golf balls. This particular species has a rough surface and is one of the most attractive of the ‘stemless’ mesembs and very priced by collectors.

The strange appearance of Dinteranthus have made them very popular in succulent collections. They are similar in habit to Lithops but grows above ground. They are also called mimicry plants as they show a striking similarity to their background rocks and are difficult to detect when not in flower. The Dinteranthus have a pebbly look and are commonly known as pebble plants or living stones; each species is associated with one particular type of rock formation and occurs nowhere else. This camouflage also reduces the need for chemical defences against herbivores.