Copiapoa Grandiflora Cactus Seeds


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Copiapoa Grandiflora Cactus Seeds

Copiapoa grandiflora is very similar to and and grows symmetrically with Copiapoa cinerascens. Presumably the two represent only the extreme of variation within the same population. Copiapoa grandiflora distinguishes itself for the smaller and greener stems and very large blooms.

Copiapoa grows in Coastal areas of South America, particularly the Atacama Desert in northern Chile where it grows in areas where very little else grows. It’s a very drought tolerant species. Despite the lack of rain where it lives, the extreme aridity is attenuated by the frequent, often dense, coastal fogs. There are 32 defined species. They can vary in from from spherical to slightly columnar. All producing yellow flowers which grow from their crowns in the summer.