Conophytum Friedrichiae Seeds


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Conophytum Friedrichiae Succulent Seeds

Conophytum is a small South African species of succulent plant of the genus Conophytum.

Conophytum friedrichiae is a tiny stemless perennial succulent. In its habitat it is usually single but, especially in cultivation, may forms mounds of purple or green grapes. This species is however very variable in shape and colour. Conophytum friedrichiae was the first of the “ophthalmophyllums” to be discovered and remains the fundamental species in its group. This species must be one of the finest of the genus and also one of the most interesting of the many small Mesembs.

It occurs fairly extensively in Northern Cape Province and Southern Namibia (Type locality: In the vicinity of Warmbad)  It grows at ground-level or in subterranean in quartz fields.