Astrophytum Asterias cv. “Miracle” Cactus Seeds


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Astrophytum Asterias cv. “Miracle” Cactus Seeds

Astrophytum myriostigma is a quite variable species and several breeds do exist.

In 1980 the parent plant of ‘Miracle Kabuto’ was also introduced by M. Takeo, who had found it among many field-collected plants of A. asterias in a U.S. nursery. It also was named by T. Sato, as Miracle Kabuto. It is well-known that the original plant was sold for three million yen! I am happy to report that this plant is still alive. The differences from ‘Super Kabuto’ are as follows:

  1. The stem is large, presently being 19 cm thick and l6 cm tall.
  2. The white dots are not fluffy.
  3. Reproduction from seeds is very difficult.



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