Ariocarpus Retusus v. Elongatus Cactus Seeds


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Ariocarpus Retusus v. Elongatus Cactus Seeds


In a group of plants known for many interesting oddities, Ariocarpus elongatus is one of the great curiosities of the succulent world. It produces longer and thinner tubercles up to as much as 4 cm long. Depending upon growing conditions, the plants may be consistently pale green to blue-green or may be greyish-green. Over time (several decades), the stems eventually grows up to 25 or more cm in diameter.

Ariocarpus elongatus differs from the standard Ariocarpus retusus only for its longer and thinner tubercles, all the other characteristics clearly show that they are conspecific.

Ariocarpus elongatus is quite variable and has received numerous unnecessary names of no botanical value, representing no more than local phenotypes: Ariocarpus elongatus is one of them.

Ariocarpus elongatus is one of them, but it still has a value for a collector because they identify plants with particular characters.