Adromischus Cristatus Succulent

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Adromischus Cristatus Succulent

South African Succulent found in the lower Baviaanskloof and Langkloof west of Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, South Africa. This adromischus is a typical component of the Eastern Cape succulent thickets found in sheltered and shaded rock outcrops and rocky slopes, but never common.

Adromischus cristatus (cristate adromischus) is an exquisite dwarf succulent plant with a few rosettes formed by fat reverse trianglular leaves, with felt-like texture and characteristic crested, wavy distal leaf margins. It is a peculiar species that is unlikely to be confused with other. It also easily recognized by the short stem wrapped in a thick coat of reddish, tangled, wiry, hairlike aerial roots. It is very variable.

Adromischus cristatus is a fairly easy succulent to grow and one of the easier Adromischus speciest.