Trichocereus Boliviensis Cactus Seeds


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Trichocereus Boliviensis Cactus Seeds

Closely related to the Peruvian torch cactus. T. Boliviensis grows with many thick spines. It is a tall columnar cactus native to Bolivia.There is a lot of confusion with this plant. There is very limited information in the literature about it. Most likely, it is an intermediate from of  T. Bridgesii.

The plant is bluish-green in colour, with frosted stems, and 6-9 broadly rounded ribs. When mature it has large, fragrant nocturnal white flowers 20-25cm, which open for one night only.It can grow up to 3-6 meters tall, with stems up to 8-18 cm in diameter. Peruvian Torch has impressive spines that are in clusters of 6-8, of varying lengths that cover the epidermal nodes. It prefers a frost-free climate but can withstand short dry spells below freezing.

*See our cactus propagation page for seed sowing tips.