Mammillaria marksiana cactus


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Mammillaria marksiana cactus


This species is quite rare in nature, and grows on limestone cliffs (Pilbeam 1999) under the protection of nursery plants and in low dry forest. The species is poorly known taxonomically and ecologically. The species occurs in inaccessible places so it is not often collected.


Mammillaria marksiana is quite a nice looking cactus with its bright green colour, snow-white wool, sparse yellow spines and bright yellowish-green flowers. With the exception of plants found in the subgenus Dolichothele, no other Mammillaria species approaches the intensity of yellow found in the M. marksiana. Although it can make nice sized clumps it often remains solitary reaching with time a diameter of 12 cm.


Flattened globose, normally light green, becoming yellowish in bright light. In the wild it can grow up to 6-10 cm high, 5-12 cm in diameter, however in cultivation it can double in size. Milky sap is present.


Flowers in April


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