Lophophora Williamsii Cactus Seeds

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Lophophora Williamsii Cactus Seeds


Lophophora williamsii is a small cactus native to Mexico, Texas and New Mexico. Lophophora williamsii will grow to a pale green/blue cactus with a globular shape with pink/white flowers. Normally the epidermis is covered by both cuticle and wax; the latter substance is primarily responsible for the blue-green or glaucous coloration of Lophophora. It can grow ribs in well-defined lines, in Lophophora they are usually present. Stems can be globose to flattened, somewhat firm to the touch, blue-green or occasionally reddish green in colour.

*See our cactus propagation page for seed sowing tips.

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13 reviews for Lophophora Williamsii Cactus Seeds

  1. Pauline S

    Received seeds on time and actually got one extra! Have finally found some soil for cactus so I’m on my way. Hoping to have a good rate of seeds sprouting.


    I’ve used this site multiple times over the years and have always received the correct items ✌️😎🌡πŸ”₯


    Good seeds will buy Again.

  4. Roman P

    Very good service and communication, thanks a ton! πŸ™‚

  5. Brent J

    Got 1 out of 10 seeds after 5 weeks, I’m so happy for my first experience! Payment is easy, shipping is fast, deserve 5 star.

  6. Aaron B

    I haven’t germinated them yet but will have another review once a do. These seed came nice a discreet with no issues. Thanks CactusKingdom!

  7. Sajjad W

    seeds arrived in the mail no problems, but I’ll let you know if they grew in a couple months, thank you!

  8. Sam G

    It took a few weeks, but I finally have a couple Lophophora seedlings. I’m looking forward to seeing my favourite cacti grow.

  9. Zoltan K

    Great service!

  10. Troy K

    The seeds came in the mail fast. They were packed great and the seller did everything perfect. Now it’s up to me to try and get these things to grow! Hopefully I have better luck than my last attempt.

  11. Vladamir

    Propt and polite . simple

  12. Chris R

    Great service this person is doing here!!!!! Loved the product!!!!! And is an honest buissnesa person.

  13. James K

    4 out of 10 germination rate. Not bad, I had seeds from another supplier that came out 0/10, but it probably takes experience.
    I also got a freebie from CK πŸ™‚

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