Lophophora Koehresii Cactus


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Lophophora Koehresii Cactus

Age: 8 Years

Size:  6cm+ with multiple heads

Description: Koehresii is the second smallest of the Lophophoras. It has big pale pink flowers variety and unusually thin petals with darker midstripes.It is a globular spineless like the other Lophophora members with a large tap root and very interesting flower with pink to brownish coloured strips. It is a characteristically dark green colour. The ribs are more strongly in relief than others. Although this species usually grows as a single headed plant in its native habitat, in cultivation with time, once a mature plant reaches 5-6 centimetres in width, pups do begin showing themselves. Flowering age.

The stem to root ratio is unique in this cactus having one of the largest subterranean roots of the genus Lophophora.

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