Echinocactus Ingens Cactus


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Echinocactus Ingens Cactus

​Description: It is a slowly growing massive barrel cactus usually solitary that grows huge in habitat ( up to 2,5 m tall, 1,5 m wide). It could live more than a hundred years. This cactus is easily recognized by it’s large size, being the largest of all barrel cacti.
Stem: Simple, large, cylindric, to 2 meters high, 6 to 10 dm in diameter, dull green and, when young, with broad (purple) horizontal bands, very woolly at the crown.
Ribs: on young plants as few as 8, broad, high, and more or less undulate, but in old plants very numerous and rather thin.
Spines: Stout, subulate, distinctly banded, especially the stouter ones, at first yellowish but soon reddish brown; radial spines usually 5 or 6, to 4 cm long, central spine solitary, 4 to 5 cm. long, straight.
Flowers: Numerous, yellow, 4 to 5 cm. long; scales on the ovary linear, their axils bearing an abundance of wool covering the ovary with a dense felty mass; upper scales narrow, rigid, more or less spiny tipped; outer perianth segments ovate, longapiculate, with ciliate margins; inner segments oblong, obtuse, retuse or apiculate, serrulate.
Fruit: Hidden in amass of soft white wool, oblong, 4 to 5 cm long.

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