Cereus Peruvianus Cactus

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Cereus Peruvianus Cactus

It is very easy to cultivate, easy to propagate, tolerates moderate frost, and produces numerous showy white flowers 15 cm across.  The fruits are edible, and it is used for living fences. Even more intriguing, the apple cactus is widely touted as having the power to correct physical ailments caused by electromagnetic radiation.  These cacti bloom in the summer with very large, white to pinkish-white flowers that open in the evening and remain open into the next day. They are pollinated by hummingbirds, bats or insects. The fruit which follows is delicious, similar to dragon fruit in structure and flavor and contains small edible seeds called pitaya.

It  is widely sold potted with the recommendation that it be located near a computer screen or television in order to re-establish an electromagnetic equilibrium upset by the device. Or some such thing.

Some specimens may show special twisting traits (Cereus Forbesii cv. Spiralis) , and an undulating pattern with a gorgeous blue patina. These are known as the Monstrose variety.