Is it possible to pick out the specific cactus?

Each order is specially prepared in advance. We do not stock display plants at the office location. With some unique cacti specimens you will be able to “pick your own cactus” online. If you have any special requests please make a note at checkout or contact us with your order inquiry.

Do the cacti come potted?

Whether a cactus comes potted depends on a few circumstances. Most of the time cacti will not come potted. If you would like your cactus potted or repotted into a decorative pot prior to shipment please contact us prior to ordering to ensure compatibility.

Can I pickup my order?

Orders that meet the following criteria qualify for free delivery. 

  • Order has already been placed online 
  • Order is bulky and over $250

Do you ship year round?

Most of our cacti are shipped year round. We take extra precautions during the winter to ensure that your cacti arrive safely during the colder months. As a consequence shipping may be slightly higher during the colder months. In rare circumstances we will hold off on shipping your items until the risk of extreme weather has passed.

CDo you ship during the winter?

Do you ship year round?

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